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Naturopathic Love Spell

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

February is the month of love and romance and lingerie and great sex and cuddling and spooning and… whatever else you’d like to add to the mix for the month of love. Some even search for love spells in hopes that February will bring love to their lives.

I personally anticipate getting a double whammy of affection because my birthday is the day after Valentine’s day, and everyone who knows that pours on the love… Hey, what can I say?

I’m lovable, and I am loving. So are you!

I give openly and freely, and I am not shy to receive either. That, my dear reader, is what we call a happy balance. Let some in, give some away. Wow, what a nice picture of love I just painted; it makes me feel like I want to fall in love this month~ wait a minute, I am in love; with God, my husband, and my children. I sure can't leave out self-love. I love me. Do you love YOU?

Ahhhh, love is good, especially when you can experience it in all its glory. But you did know I was going to bust somebody’s bubble right about here!!

Naturopathic Love Spell

Some will not be able to experience the joys of the love offered for this month or any other time of the year. Many will plod along as if nothing is going on; even the sexiest of Vicky secret will not entice- and "hot momma" may be secretly frigid! Oh, my, she went there! I did… Why?

Mineral Imbalance and Your Libido

Mineral Imbalance and  Your Libido

What I am talking about is your health. These issues, as sensitive as they may be are nutritional issues. Copper toxicity will deflate the libido quicker than a hand grenade in your child’s blow-up pool! That goes for men and women. Zinc to copper imbalance can cause detached behavior and impotence. The truth is this problem is happening more and more. You’ve heard the Viagra commercial on the radio lately bragging that you can get it cheaper from crazy websites. There is one of those horrible pills for women too. Stay clear. I hear the side effects are something out of a horror movie, not a love story!

If you talk to any guy who tells the truth, he will tell you that the little blue pill is as limp as he is. Yet, natural remedies do have a red-hot track record in changing things around in all areas of your life. So do you really need a love spell? Maybe not, but getting a hair analysis, using homeopathic and proper supplementation could sure feel like the perfect spell! Sometimes a simple fix to what may seem to you is a serious problem could be a matter of tweaking your nutritional & dietary habits by talking with a professional and doing things a little differently. I was thinking... getting to the root of your issues by being courageous enough to investigate what's going on with your spirit, mind & body.

Creative Thinking

wellness is personal

In case you were wondering where to seek help, consider Your Healing Place. A

Hair tissue analysis can determine nutritional deficiencies that get to the root cause of all of what ails you, even functions that affect your love life—the wellness journey that teaches you to be creative with your healing strategies is the one that will deliver great results. One size does not fit all.

The Hair Tissue Analysis service includes a one-hour coaching session. If you need additional support, there is an opportunity for you to get weekly wellness coaching. Talk to Dr. Stephanie during a one-on-one Zoom consultation and discover your hidden potential for wellness. If you are a bit skeptical about determining the right remedies for you, the Zyto Scan can shed light on what homeopathics are needed while also identifying trapped emotions and how organs are stressed by emotions causing a physical dysfunction. There is so much support waiting for you. Don’t wait; get some answers by booking your Zoom Consult now. You can be ready for Feb 14th of every year. I can imagine you in a superman/ woman cape, just ready to go! (wink)

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