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Our Policy

1. Priority Wellness Policy
At Your Healing Place, your wellness is our foremost priority. We are committed to providing a seamless and focused healing experience, whether you join us in person, by phone, or via Zoom. Our carefully crafted policies ensure that your time with us is maximally beneficial and interruptions-free.

2. Cancellation Policy
To respect our clients' and practitioners' time, we request that you inform us of any cancellations or rescheduling at least 24 hours in advance, with notification made exclusively via phone and voice mail. Please adhere to this policy to avoid the forfeiture of your office visit fee and any membership session. Please be aware that your session will be automatically canceled if you are at most 15 minutes late for an appointment, regardless of the format (in-person Zyto scan, phone, or Zoom).

3. Fees & Services Adjustments
Our fees and range of services are subject to periodic changes, which may occur in response to external cost variations (including lab fees, supplement costs, and transaction fees). We strive to provide high-quality service and often introduce discounts and incentives to accommodate these changes. We recommend staying informed by subscribing to our newsletter and emails.

4. Deposits
All service deposits are non-refundable. Before committing to any service or program, we provide a one-on-one strategy session for thorough exploration and clarification, including a Q&A segment. Deposit amounts vary but require a minimum of one-third of the program cost upfront before any service is provided. Payment plans are personalized and facilitated through automatic drafts via Payfunnels. All transactions are electronic and subject to the banking practices of the individual's bank.

5. Grace Period for Appointments
A 5-minute grace period is allowed for late arrivals, specifically for Zoom connections. Please call the office at least 15 minutes before your session if you need technical support. Appointments can only be extended up to their scheduled time. Suppose you are at most 15 minutes late, irrespective of the service format (including one-on-one coaching, Hair Tissue Analysis Review, or Detox coaching sessions). In that case, the appointment will be considered canceled without a refund.

6. Return Policy for Remedies
Remedies can be returned within seven days if they are found to be tampered with or incorrect, whether opened or unopened. Refunds are issued only after the item is returned within this timeframe. Refunds are only possible within 30 days from delivery.

7. Our memberships and bundled services,

Coaching Programs, Detox coaching, and Hair Tissue Analysis reviews offer a holistic approach to healing — Spirit, Mind, and Body. No refunds are available after the first session or if 30 days pass without engagement ( you failed to schedule your reviews after two reminders). This also applies to course enrollments. Cancellations are allowed within 30 days of registration only if there's no course engagement or access to the course platform with your login credentials. Fees for these comprehensive, personalized programs are non-refundable.

8. Event Policy (COVID-19 Update)
Due to COVID-19, all in-person events are currently suspended. We continue to offer online engagement opportunities. Please note that there are no refunds for non-attendance at paid events.

Strict Adherence
These policies are rigorously enforced to uphold the quality of our services and respect our clients' commitments. We value your cooperation and understanding in adhering to these guidelines. Thank you for choosing Your Healing Place for your wellness journey.

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