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Emelda, Client

Dr. Reid is amazing!!! I learned about Your Healing Place through my church, and I am so glad I made the call! I reached out regarding medical issues our little one is dealing with and she has us on the road to healing already. She's also helping me understand what steps I need to take to become healthier myself. I've been telling anyone who will listen about her and this awesome approach to wellness!! Your health cannot wait, so connect with Dr. Reid ASAP.


Terry, Client

Dr. Reid is such a wonderful and caring person! She helped my daughter with a health issue that she was having and had been in the ER with the day before. Dr. Reid had her feeling better the day of her visit! My daughter is feeling like a new person. I now go to Dr. Reid, and she is helping me with several different issues. Amazing! God Bless you Dr. Reid.

J. Alexis

Pat, Client

Blessings to Dr. Reid, she took the time to listen to what was ailing me, was not quick to put me on medications. I was tired of being juggled from doctor to doctor and put on numerous medications which only caused more issues. Within two weeks after the scan I started feeling like my old self without any medications the doctors wanted me on. She amazes me with her quick response to questions I have. I love her enthusiasm toward wellness. The supplements I was lacking are giving me a new lease on life

Dr. Joel Wallach

Peggy, K

J. Alexis

Dr. Joel Wallach

My health care providers were unable to figure out the reasons for my symptoms. Unable to drive at this time, I really needed some answers.  After contacting Dr Reid's office we set up an appointment using  the ZYTO SCAN hand cradle. I was given the option to Skype or talk on the phone with Dr Reid.. The ZYTO SCAN WEBSITE directions were easy to follow and " USER FRIENDLY". I was able to see and discuss my results immediately in the convenience of my home. The accuracy of the results were astounding. The information I received was very valuable. I highly recommend the ZYTO SCAN as an option. 

Dr. Reid exudes passion for a healing. She shares her experiences and takes the anxiety out of just doing the work. She educates and is always willing to share what she knows to be the right thing for your well being spirit mind and body. She keeps it super simple and keeps it real and keeps it fun! I can't imagine a better health and wellness partner.

"We need more people like you to move the message of nutritional healing to the people. Consider me your personal mentor."

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