Full Remote Consult w/ Zyto

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  • 3 hours
  • Online

Service Description

This is the starting point for all new clients after the Zoom consult. This program discovers the physical root cause of your dis-ease. Whether suffering from hypertension, diabetes, hair loss or bloating, there is an original cause- Stress! Instead of giving you something to stop the discomfort, we find the cause and begin with that. This 12-month program is a supportive journey of weekly coaching and monthly testing. Zyto testing establishes a baseline for stress attached to organs creating dysfunction and dis-ease. The Opening Channels program is top of the line in creating the space for full-body detoxification. Three-hour session of self-discovery includes: *Zyto hand cradle * First 3 Zyto Remedies * Emotional report for coaching roadmap * Advanced report for healing remedies

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5000 Thayer Center, Oakland, MD, USA