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Dr. Stephanie Reid, PhD

"What part of yourself are you ignoring?
Is it your mind, your body, or your spirit?
That's the part of your life that is holding you back from living your better days!
- Dr. Stephanie Reid, PhD
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Dr. Stephanie Reid, PhD

Hi, I'm Dr. Stephanie, the founder of Your Healing Place and the author of the book on transformational healing. I am the only “Natural Health Coach” you will find in the entire United States that uses the RESULT™ method to move clients From Panic to Empowerment. Getting the results for you is what I want most for me. That’s why this is Your Healing Place!



I am a native of Pennsylvania. I earned my B.S. in Exercise Science from Temple University; Master’s degree in Human Services from Capella University, Doctor of Naturopathy and Philosophy degrees from Kingdom College of Natural Health. I am also a licensed Massage Therapist. For over a decade, I have combined my practical experience with passion. Change requires motivation to keep going when things get bad. Passion is what drove my desire to not give up. I needed a find a way to help you! Your Healing Place was born from that passion.

The result method

Your Healing Place is a healing center that offers a sacred space for you to discover your own healing potential. I have helped transform the lives of many people suffering from various dis-eases, using the RESULT™ method. The unique way of sharing the RESULT™ method via radio, TV or live events is what will make the shift for you. If you are looking for results, you are in the right place!

The RESULT™ method helps you Re-define past Experiences to Solve the mystery of the impact of trapped emotions causing dis-ease. It teaches that by Uniting the spirit, mind and body; you gain the Leverage needed to Transform your health. Moving you from a place of panic and despair to holistic healing and empowerment is the result! 

My journey toward natural healing began over 33 years ago. I was fortunate enough to give birth in the USA and in Germany. My first son was born in the traditional American hospital setting, with loud monitors, women screaming, and people running through the hall. The stress of the ordeal negatively impacted my delivery, forcing me to receive anesthesia and deliver via C-section. My second son, born 18 months later in a serene and calm German hospital, was welcomed into the world after a massage, whirlpool bath, and soft music. That experience left an indelible mark on my idea of how important patient-centered natural care could be.


Over the past decade, I have fine-tuned the RESULT™ method; to give you the transformation you’ve been searching for. I offer an energetic testing service that is non-invasive and less stressful for you – physically, mentally and spiritually. I teach a simple system that ensures lasting results!


From that passion, the book From Panic to Empowerment: How to stop pain and dis-ease from taking over your life

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