"take back your life, regain your health... 

re-establish and define who you are.

You are perfection!"

- Dr. Stephanie Reid, PhD.


Author, Dr. Stephanie Reid

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Hi, I'm Dr. Stephanie, the founder of Your Healing Place and the author of the book on transformational healing, "From Panic to Empowerment".


I am the only “Natural Health Coach” you will find in the entire United States that uses the RESULT™ method to move clients From Panic to Empowerment. Getting the results for you is what I want most for me. That’s why this is Your Healing Place! 


The best way to get to know more about us is to schedule a

 Zoom Wellness Consult using the scheduling tab or, connect with me from the contact page. I’d like to tell you all about the RESULT™ method.














Comprehensive Consult w/ Detox Service

This is the starting point for all new clients after the phone consult. This phase attempts to uncover stressors that can lead to dis-ease. Whether you are suffering from hypertension, diabetes, hair loss or bloating; there is an original cause- stress. Once the stress is identified and lifestyle changes are established, the body can heal itself. Nano Testing & Zyto testing establishes a baseline.




Bundle Up Service:

The Bundle Up Program is our newest and most innovative service to date. It offers several options to jump-start your body’s innate healing ability all in one visit.





Hair Tissue Analysis:

The hair tissue analysis otherwise known as the hair follicle test is a test that shows nutritional balance and toxicity. The excess or deficiency of trace minerals in the body is the source of declining health.


The status of your trace minerals can be examined by using a hair follicle test. The process is as simple as submitting a hair sample.  Below are some frequently asked questions.

Your Healing Place now offers Virtual Appointments! A virtual appointment is exactly what you think it is!


You can get scanned for biological preference using the Zyto Scan from the comforts of your own home.


You will chat with your natural health coach during the virtual visit and review your results together without ever having to leave your home again!


Are you ready to be enlightened, encouraged, and empowered?


Book Dr. Reid to speak or host her life-changing "Wellness & Healthy Life Style" workshop at your next event!

It is information that changes situations. Dr. Stephanie is ready and on a mission to provide you with life changing information to empower you to begin living your best days now!

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Spirit, Mind & Body

"You are important,

You are very powerful,

Your Life Matters!"

- Dr. Stephanie Reid, PhD.


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From Panic to Empowerment Course

Created by Dr. Stephanie Reid, ND, Ph.D.


The courses were designed to help clients maximize the benefit of using natural healing strategies by first understanding the most important part of healing; integration of spirit, mind and body. Often people seek natural alternatives when they have exhausted their options for conventional methods of healing. Frustrated with broken promises of a prescription miracle, people need hope. What if the answer was in identifying emotional and mental stressors, then employing lifestyle changes that opened the possibility for the body to heal on its own?

Because you were only looking for physical relief from pain and disease, you may be surprised to find that the journey toward optimal health requires physical lifestyle changes and exploration of the spirit and mind.


The truth is, you will never find lasting relief from pain and dis-ease until you embrace the truth of who you really are. You are a spirit that lives in a body with a mind that thinks. The outward expression of what’s in your spirit and your mind is experienced in your body.

Detoxification Programs


There are toxins in the air, water, food, in the form of pesticides, preservatives and even food coloring. Our cells create toxic waste which our bodies accumulate when we are unable to properly eliminate such waste and toxins.


At Your Healing Place we strive to provide the best options for true healing by sharing with clients the understanding of how the body heals. If given what it needs, the body will heal itself. The body can also be reminded to do what it was meant to do when offered proper nutrients.

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The body will also heal itself of many chronic and acute illnesses if given every opportunity to drain and detoxify. For that reason we offer the full detoxification program. Learn more about the Ionic Detox

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Exploring the Dimensions of Wellness Podcast:

One Taboo at a Time


There is a lot of tension and pressure created inside of you based on some of the belief systems that you have been conditioned to embrace. You can be relieved from stress, tension, and the pressures of life once you discover the taboo's in your life and reshape your way of thinking!


The podcast is a special feature for those with a subscription.



Go on a journey with Dr. Stephanie to explore the dimensions of wellness, free yourself from the taboo's of life, and begin living your best days now!



Your Healing Place
Dr. Stephanie Reid, PhD.
Email: getempowered@drstephanieyhp.com
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