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7 Ways to Nurture Yourself: Giving & Recieving

Updated: Oct 18, 2021


Nurturing yourself is the best way to begin a wellness journey. Doing so can decrease dis-ease in your spirit, mind, and body. If you are struggling with a dis-ease, it may be time to consider your giving and receiving habits. Like many, you may believe it's better to give than receive so you give until it hurts; then wonder why your life is not working. Wellness, the opposite of dis-ease, is a balance of giving and receiving. It ebbs and flows like a graceful dance. Nurturing yourself requires a healthy dose of both.

7 Ways to Nurture Yourself

Nurture Yourself by Praying

1. Nurture Yourself by Praying- Connecting with the divine in your life is like connecting your computer to the internet. Without prayer, it can be impossible to gain wisdom, experience grace, and unconditional love. Without connecting to the internet, you can forget about email communication and access to information at your fingertips. The most powerful way to nurture yourself is to connect with our Heavenly father. Your connection to that source is prayer. The “Lord’s Prayer” comes to mind. Your religious affiliation has little to do with connecting to the source. Sit quietly, let the source connect with you. You will feel it. You know it. It’s the still small voice that calms you when you are frazzled.


Nurture Yourself by Smiling

2. Nurture Yourself by Smiling – It takes more energy to frown than smile. Less stress on the facial muscles reduces the likelihood that you’d develop sagging frown lines. Get this, smiling is free. You can even smile without showing your teeth- that would be a grin. Showing your pearly whites can be the quickest way to turn a raging bull into an adorable puppy. When you feel angry, look up and smile. Try it now. It works 100% of the time. Why? Well, when you look up and smile you will automatically laugh because you will feel silly. Silly is good. It can lighten your mood. Smile and the world will smile with you. Ever smile at a stranger? They smiled back, didn’t they? Smile at everyone you see!

Nurture yourself by Laughing

3. Nurture yourself by Laughing – Laughter is good for the soul. Period. However, in our society; we often laugh at things that are not really funny. A popular comedian has a show entitled "Laugh at My Pain.” Whether we have permission or not, laughing at another’s pain somehow diminishes our ability to show compassion. Giving and receiving support is necessary for the common good. The next time you have the desire to laugh at someone else’s misfortune, consider the level of compassion you’d appreciate in the same situation. On the other hand, when something is funny, milk a laugh for all its worth. Laughter is like currency for the soul. Each time you do laugh it adds dividends of joy to your life, and to others. It's a win-win. Have you ever started laughing and the person next to you began to laugh with you even though they have no idea what the two of you are laughing about?

4. Let your “yes” mean “yes”- When you say “yes” to anyone you are also saying “yes” to your future potential. When you push the “yes” button you are making a commitment that will impact your world in ways you never could imagine. Saying “yes” to a marriage proposal opens doors for everything the comes with marriage. Saying “yes” to being a participant in a crime has a similar impact - negatively. Each time you say “yes”, you are agreeing to impact the world around you, because it requires you to follow through. If you can’t follow through, at least be comfortable with the new decision and make sure all involved are ok as well. It’s ok to change your mind. Continuing to say yes when you want to say ” no” is a recipe for dis-ease.

Let your “yes” mean “yes”

5. Let Your “no” Mean “no”- Sending a mixed signal is not only confusing but also frustrating. Most people don’t like to say “no”. Instead, they say "yes." Imagine what it feels like to want something really bad and you ask for it. The excitement builds and just as you are about to reach out and accept what you wanted - it get’s snatched back! That’s what it’s like to say “yes” but you mean “no”. It can be confusing. So as a rule of thumb, be comfortable with saying “no” when you have to. Be ready to say “no” and mean it. The most frustrating experience for anyone on either side of the mixed signal is not knowing what to do. It’s ok to say “no” when you mean it. Saying ” no” can save you a lot of unnecessary drama when you can stand firm for something that requires a “no”. If you’ve been feeling stressed because you say “yes” all the time and really mean “no’, then practice saying ”no.” See how much stress just melts away. Be liberated. If you want to say ” no”, say it. Then mean it and move forward!

Give to Others

6. Give to Others –We’ve all heard it’s better to give than receive. There is an inherent feel-good button that gets pushed every time you give. Have you ever noticed how good it feels to shop for someone else? Giving is a spiritual gift you give to yourself. Remember how you feel when you volunteer to help those in need. Its a truly good feeling! I wonder if that’s why the same people volunteer over and over. Volunteering hits the feel-good button! On the other hand, giving is how we support humanity. We are all in this thing called life together, giving and receiving is the way to thrive.

7. Receive From Others – Yes! It feels good to give. But why do you decline the offer when someone wants to give to you? It’s ok to accept goodness that others want to share. If everyone was giving there would be no one to receive. Practice just saying “thank you” and accepting help, gifts, support, and love from those who have your best interest. You may believe that receiving is weakness and giving is a strength. Check that! There needs to be a balance. The more you give without allowing yourself to receive the more resentment, frustration, and anger brews like a hot pot of bitter black coffee.

BONUS: Ask For Help

If you need further support on how to nurture yourself beyond what was already mentioned; feel free to book a free phone consult. I am happy to assist with your wellness journey. Something this important should not be attempted without professional coaching. Asking for help is definitely a nurturing act of self- love.

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