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Moving From Panic to Empowerment

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Moving From Panic to Empowerment

Welcome to the Panic to Empowerment blog series! Keeping you well informed and panic free!

Have you ever wondered why you are still suffering from the same pains and dis-ease even though you’ve tried so many ways to get relief; especially after taking prescription medicines time and time again? You now realize that after the honeymoon period of temporary relief, the offending symptoms return with a vengeance!

You may have an arsenal of unused prescription drugs, lotions, creams, herbs and even some fancy contraptions. So the question is, why do you only consider natural medicine as your last resource?

Get off the Fence Commit to Yourself

You may tend to use natural medicine as a last resource for many reasons. Some of these may sound familiar:

Membership is the Best Value

  • You are unsure about the safety of natural medicine (FDA approved can't be trusted)

  • You think prescription drugs are a better fit

  • You want instant gratification/ temporary fixes

  • Natural medicine is not advertised as much as prescription medicine

  • Out of pocket cost vs insurance coverage (Check out our subscription plan)

Many people consider natural alternatives to prescription medication because medications prescribed for serious health conditions have side effects. The general thought is- side effects tend to subside once your body has become adjusted to the medication. But not really. What actually happens is something called the law of adaptation.

Rx Drugs

Over time your body gets used to the medication and needs more to get similar relief as the original dose. Either the drug dosage gets increased, or a new drug is added. The fact is, you are not getting better. What's happening is the fire is still burning inside you, but you keep taking the battery out of the smoke detector. Rx drugs will never be able to put the fire out. You need something else! This harsh reality is what’s leading you to investigate a better way. Read Organs Systems & Functions

Your Last Hope

It’s unfortunate that many seek natural medicine as a last resource. Natural medicine, lifestyle changes, proper knowledge and usage of herbs, vitamins and minerals is a preventative measure. It can prevent the chronic diseases you are taking drugs for. You only explore the natural stuff when you have exhausted the bad stuff. By then your body is so polluted and weak, you lose sight of ever getting well. That’s when the feeling of helplessness sets in. When you feel like there is no hope you PANIC! No need to panic! My goal is to move you From Panic to Empowerment. I have a plan that is working!

Zyto Power

Zyto Scan

Did you now that technology can determine how your emotions have hijacked your organs? I call it Zyto power! You get your first Zyto scan during your Comprehensive Consult with Detox session.

What are you creating?

You have gone through a lot, trying to get relief from pain or dis-ease that just seems to be taking over your life. One major reason why you and so many others are in the same boat is that “you” keep parroting similar, “non-results” information. Most likely you have all of those remedies, potions and pills because you got the information from a well-meaning friend, family member or even your doctor.

What if your breakthrough cannot be found in a drug? What if, what you are looking for you already have!? You are constantly creating your reality with your thoughts, words and deeds. Learning that concept in depth can help you create on purpose the health you deserve.

If you are looking for relief, and you have tried everything else; I invite you to explore a better option for maximizing your healing potential. I didn’t say new; I said better. It’s the new and latest gimmick that has you by the neck already- choking the life out of your resolve to heal. I’ll show you how to get back to the basics.

Book  Your Free Consult Here

Book Your Free Consult Here

Your Healing Place follows a simple yet forsaken practice. Your support is not just physical. The services offered equally addresses spirit, mind & body connections. It acknowledges the need for emotional exploration and belief systems that have a direct effect on the physical body.

From the books and workbooks to podcasts and forums; there are many opportunities to maximize your healing potential. The best part? Your success is guaranteed! You don't do this alone. You have an experienced coach. Need proof? Check out the testimonials.

Thought to Ponder

Q: If you are suffering from a physical dis-ease how much work are you doing with your spirit & mind to correct your body? Until you do that work, health will be fleeting.

A: If you are new to YHP, Book a free consult so we can set the record straight for you once and for all! Existing client? Its probably time for a follow up visit.

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