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Stuck?10 Practices for Guaranteed Progress.

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Stuck in a rut? Proverbial gum on your shoes holding you back? I get it! The fear of COVID, Monkey Pox, and an expectation of a new boogie man every week can do that to the best of us! You don't have to stay stuck though. Just acknowledge where you are. Feel the emotions of it and let it pass by. Yes, look at the "thing"- the emotions, try to identify the trigger then take a deep breath. This is what I share with my coaching clients when they get stuck in a rut of non-productivity, weight plateau, or rehearsing past trauma.

Over the past few months, you've experienced ups and downs; setbacks for a comeback- and even felt like a phoenix rising out of the ashes. I personally have felt all of that and some! I would be amiss if I even eluded to the fact that I came out of those experiences based on my knowledge alone. Yet, I can firmly settle into the fact that my "come up" happened when I allowed someone to speak life into my situation and remind me that I can be the creator of my destiny.

As we reflect on the past 8 months of 2022 that have shaped how we feel at this very money, there is a lot to be thankful for and a great deal of opportunity to use what we can to get the "gum" off. I'm stepping into another phase of my life. I wonder how my desire to be the best wellness coach aligns with YOUR desire to discover your creative power outside of conventional wisdom. I too vacillate between wellness and dysfunction, emotional balance, and emotional pain. 2021 I overcame insurmountable physical pain from rotator cuff surgery, the death of family members, the perceived death of YOUR Healing Place, and the death of my marriage!

In spite of all that, I choose to create in the affirmative. And, I know you do too. This blog is intended to show you how to embrace anything that life throws your way without losing your footing; no matter how bazaar. If there is gum on your shoe preventing you from moving forward, you have two options:

  • Take the time to take the gum off your shoe (time-consuming)

  • Change your shoes to a pair that is more appropriate for where you'll be walking (mental shift)

Top 10 TIPS to shift From Panic to Empowerment:


When in an emotional, spiritual, or physical crisis- stand still. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.00. (Monopoly Reference)

2. Listen! Shut Up and listen. Your spirit will whisper, then speak more loudly until you feel like you are losing your mind. ("Did you hear that", you'll ask audibly.)

3. Take action when you get the "green light" intuitive hit to press on. Only listen to what feels right. Stop thinking so much. Feel into life. Use the new energy to accept how you feel about things. That is your SUPERPOWER for healing and for happiness.

4. Take responsibility for your health. Access the support you need to rid yourself of unwanted symptoms to regain your vitality. Be objective about your sleep, energy, bowels & moods.

Clear the gunk from your lungs, liver, colon, blood, lymph, kidneys, and bladder so you can breathe life into your existence. Get the proper mineral combination for your biochemistry. Discover toxic elements secretly derailing your health. Finally, discover the proper diet for YOUR body! Stop guessing!

6. Connect with like-minded people that understand your desire for growth and are willing to grow with you. Get support from someone who knows how to navigate the game of life that can teach you how to win. Connect with members of Your Healing Place on the WIX App using code CO2JVE. RSVP for Girls Night Out Events!

7. Acknowledge that the life you live now is the sum of your past experiences. Be chill about accepting that you need to discover more to move out of your current rut of sadness, despair, frustration, guilt, and loneliness. These are some of the emotions that get trapped in your organs that create dis-ease. Don't know where to begin? Start with a Zoom Wellness Consult with Dr. Stephanie, Naturopath & Certified Magnetic Mind coach.

8. Get a zyto scan that identifies and offers viable natural solutions for your transformation. The scan reveals trapped emotions lodged in organs, that represent the root cause of your dis-ease. It's high time to get out of the mindset of just treating symptoms.

9. Read! Get the book From Panic to Empowerment: How to stop pain & dis-ease from taking over your life by connecting spirit, mind & body. Your brain needs reading to stimulate clear thinking. Never stop learning. If you're into audiobooks, do that. Whatever you do be sure to be completely present with what you allow to enter your spirit via, eyes & ears. Your sanity depends on it.

10. Be completely good to yourself. Recognize that there is NOTHING wrong with you. You do NOT have to fix yourself. Yet, you may need a wellness coach to pull you from a place called, "The Dark Night of the Soul'.

Getting Results

Once you take these steps you will discover how to extract wisdom from the pain. That is the ultimate objective of being in a place that makes you question everything you ever knew. That's the place where you will rise like a phoenix and expand your emotionality and mental territory to places you never thought attainable.

The four months left in 2022 could be the pivotal time toward greatness in 2023. You ARE ready for 2023 if you believe you are. But I admonish you not to syke yourself into an untrue reality. If you need help seek it! It will always be available to you when you reach beyond yourself into the creative flow of everything! You are extraordinarily POWERFUL! Anything you focus on will manifest.

ABOUT The Author

Dr. Stephanie specializes in helping clients redefine their wellness goals by incorporating a spirit, mind, and body approach to wellness using the RESULT method. For more information, book your Zoom Wellness Consult and get access to the From Panic to Empowerment Audiobook today!

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Oh yea… Get ready for your journey ladies. When I did what was recommended I got great results. I second guessed in the beginning because it was new to me. Dr Reid is a triple threat (blessing) plus some! You see the bots are coming. Who knew it would be spirit mind and body. Not me. I thought it would be herbs…NOTTT!!!


I agree with all of Share Fowler's sentiments. Thank God you came through your Phoenix Rising Experiences. I had a few of my own. So happy that Your Healing Place is back in full effect. Love you Dr. Stephanie. Yeah God. Amen.



Woww! You did rise! Thanks for sharing. The newbies will love the spiritual play dates. I’m glad you got through. I’m not going to lie. I was devastated when I thought there would be no more “Your healing place” but I understood the challenges we were all faced with. This is one of the most rewarding, exciting & touching experiences I’ve ever encountered & look forward to continue with my Realest Doctor spiritual guide & Friend.

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