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Healing From Home
Having A Subscription Plan...more important than ever before!

We provide everything you need to move

From Panic to Empowerment, even if you can't come to the office! Wellness demands global reach.

Zyto technology is the answer. 

Healing From Home

Erasing the concern of distance and "how", replacing it with hope to begin now!  

Jumpstart your health during this very important time when wellness and immunity is your key to survival Includes:

  • Opening Channels Detox 

  •  Zyto Hand Cradle

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Hair Tissue Analysis Lab Fee

  • EVOX Voice mapping

Why a Virtual Membership?


Solutions for wellness at your fingertips

Potent Remedies Shipped to Your Door

Hair test to discover your true nutritional balance