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12 Bad Foods

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

12 Bad Foods ?

12 Bad Foods

Naturopaths Are Teachers

Naturopaths are teachers. If you have ever met me in person; whether at the office or one of my speaking engagements, most likely your learned at least one thing you didn't know before. When I speak live, I usually refer to the audience as a class of second graders. Not to demean the audience, but to liberate them to a time where they could learn anything. I ask the audience to play with me by pretending to put all of the knowledge they have in a bucket and place the bucket on an imaginary table. Once done, it's understood that there is room for new information that will not be contaminated by old information.

So play with me.... you're now in my class

Play Time

“Hello, I hope all 15 of you have enjoyed your meal. I will now call attendance before beginning today’s lesson: You have 15 organ systems. Learn More

"Wheat, Barley, Rye, Oats, Oil in a Bottle, Fried Food, Well Done Red Meat, Meat With Nitrates, Baked Skin on Potato, Carbonated Drinks with Meals, Soy and Corn?"


Wow! It seems as though all 12 of you are in attendance today. Unfortunately, you all have to go because you are causing great harm to my body!

Typical Menu

Unhealthy Food

If your typical menu includes: Cookies, cakes, cereal, oatmeal, pasta, pizza bread, pretzels or anything made with the list above you are putting your health at risk! Fried food is the worst!

Here’s why.” The 12 foods listed above MAY seem good; you may even eat them almost EVERYDAY. Like many, you may be thinking “well what else am I supposed to eat?" You have come to the right place, I can explain everything, just keep reading. However, after you get the full explanation you must commit to removing the 12 bad foods from your diet!


The 12 bad foods can lead to high blood pressure, liver cancer, thyroid cancer, bladder cancer, and kidney cancer to name a few. Indulging in these foods regularly can really create a mess in your system. Ever heard of GMOs? Basically the acronym means genetically modified organism. Most grains are GMO’d so stay clear of them. If they don’t say so on the label “non GMO”, don’t eat it!

Here are the 12 bad foods…

Oil in a Bottle
  • Wheat, Barley, Rye, Oats contain a protein called gluten which is bad for most humans. The gluten protein is indigestible.

  • Oil in a Bottle become oxidized the longer it is in a bottle, when oxidized substances are introduced into the body you create inflammation.

  • Fried Food is an accelerated process of oil in a bottle. Because of this the oil becomes carcinogenic, which leads to lower life expectancy. Research shows the more fried food you consume, you are at risk of introducing more inflammatory and cancer causing substances into your body.

  • Well Done Red Meat creates a chemical which causes inflammation of cancer as well, heterocyclic amines.

  • Meat with Nitrates (lunch meat, bacon, etc), those foods are injected with nitrates to keep the meat color fresh for consumers to buy. When heated, nitrates give off a chemical which is carcinogenic (like fried foods).

  • Skins of Baked Potatoes are loaded with heterocyclic amines which causes cancer and inflammation when heated. Mesothelioma is a product of excess eating of potato skins

  • Carbonated Drinks are unhealthy for you because the bubbles are carbon dioxide, which neutralizes acids… in your STOMACH! No Bueno! Drinking a carbonated beverages prevents your stomach acid to digest foods.

  • Lastly, soy and corn is genetically modified. Genetically engineered foods lead to four different types of cancer, and death from high blood pressure and strokes.

"The 12 foods are really bad for the body, they should be removed immediately."


Social Norms

Now that you know what the 12 bad foods are, let’s briefly explore why we eat those foods anyway. In a nutshell that is the standard American diet. We are bombarded by commercials and marketing campaigns that brainwash us into believing those foods are somehow healthy. A healthy diet to many Americans is french fries, burger and a coke! Socialization plays a huge part in creating the community cultural norms. The herd mentality enforces the concept, “if everyone is doing it, it must be OK.” If everyone you know are about to jump a 30 foot cliff would you do it? Probably not…

In order to be healthy, you must take your own health seriously and be prepared to get to know yourself enough to know what works for you and what does not! One key to moving in the right direction for food choices is to pay attention to how you feel after you eat. If you feel bad, STOP, don’t eat it again!

That concludes our lesson for today, class dismissed!

Improve your health with Dr. Stephaniey

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