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Girl's Night Out

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

girl's Night Out


Let's face it the entire world was upended by the coronavirus, aka COVID 19. Because of this unexpected shift, everyone had to learn to adjust - cope and thrive emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and let's not forget economically. In terms of economics, one group that needed to pull up their creative bootstraps were wellness practitioners. Being driven by the passion for serving humanity with the reality of reduced income potential (who has expendable income these days?)- it became clear that creativity needed to be bumped up a few notches.

Wellness Coaching - Dr. Stephaniey

The passion for Serving

Because of my desire to serve, I not only refused to buckle to the new reality of potential failure, I decided to offer an invaluable free service that felt more like a community. While creating this safe place to grow and thrive as a collective, I provide similar support to a group as I would for paying clients. Well, not precisely to the level of paying clients, yet the pure intention to support those in need is the catalyst for the creation of GNO. There is an opportunity to create your own private coaching group. Groups hosted now include: Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Grief for Loss of a Baby and Self-Love. Not only did I see this gesture as the right thing to do for those who needed a platform to grow beyond their fear of our new reality, but the creation of GNO also supported my soul's call to serve even when there was no certainty of the survival of Your Healing Place.

WHY... What For?

One main reason that GNO events exist is to add a support system for current clients to feel connected since, at the moment, only virtual services exist. Some services are a full program virtual membership that offers all of the support that was available in-house. Other programs provide abbreviated services -ala cart- as the clients see fit in unique Pricing Plans. We all know that wellness is a lifestyle, not a destination. That being said, it makes sense to offer every opportunity for you to get well and stay well in the new world of COVID.

The HUG factor

The experience at the office leaves memories of dynamic events. Transformational sessions became the YHP reputation as clients came into the office with an inviting handshake; and left with a supportive oxytocin creating hug, A highlight of every visit was the informal tea sips. Tea time was bonding time. I'd bring back exotic teas from other countries and serve clients du

The HUG factor

ring their office visits in my travels. The hugs and the coaching and scanning over tea was a magical component of why clients saw breakthroughs. I grew and harvested a signature tea from passion flowers grown in the Your Healing Place garden to recapture tea time. You may be thinking... "Wow, how creative!" I would say the passion for serving and needing to maintain the hug factor drove me to be innovative!

Collective Healing

Collective Healing

At the heart of the "why" is the desire to stay true to why Your Healing Place was established. A spiritual conviction always drives a wellness practitioner's initial call to serve humanity to live out their soul's purpose. In the quest to do so, I pour my heart into helping you navigate your soul's calling. Many aren't aware of what their soul is asking. Exploring different topics during the GNO sessions opens the universe for you to connect with your higher self. One issue at a time. So, if you thought GNO was just a cackling session amongst women, think again. Each session has the potential to be an exploratory platform of how you can discover your most authentic self amongst like-minded women and solidify the relationship with your wellness/life coach. If you're looking for such person, book a Zoom Wellness Consult with me- Dr. Stephanie. Speaking with someone who cares enough to hear "Your Story" could be the mini shift you need to begin the journey of Y-O-U!

Give a Shout Out!

Give a Shout Out!

If you have firsthand experience connecting with me- Dr. Stephanie, during GNO events, share your experience in the comments and invite others to the conversation. Let us continue to bring other women to the "table." Collective spiritual, emotional, and physical healing supports the big picture that no matter how the world changes, you can find a way to be creative, innovative, and relevant as you navigate life in our new reality.

Oh, one last thing! The conversations within the GNO events are based around the concepts that revolve around moving From Panic to Empowerment, a beautiful book about the connection between physical dis-ease & connecting spirit, mind & body. You can also listen to each chapter on YouTube if you are more of a listener than a reader. Until Next Time... be well.

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