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The Whole World is Watching

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

The Christian Literary Award

Everytime I post on social media I can't help to think about who is watching. Now-a-days anything you do is monitored, scrutinized and judged for value.

For the hungry, attention grabbing, "like monsters", salivating over your emoji response; the attention can be addictive.

I know people who posts every morning at 2 am and checks thirty times a day for responses. Why do people get caught up in the fake friend, frenzy?

If I thought about it for a second, my nod of approval would go to the basic idea of needing to belong.

We all crave belonging. Some would deny the need others would call it something else.

Truth is, what ever the reason you seek attention or how you get it is irrelevant. You and I were all born for a divine purpose. You were born to make something out of the nothingness of your mind, turn it into a dream, ultimately to bring it to life.

I once heard, " your gifts will make room for you." What does that mean?

When you allow your gifts, talents and treasures to be used for the service of others you will be rewarded with opportunities to further "the mission."

Your contribution to society is unique. Sometimes it's a planned endeavor. However, many great things, are born out of misfortune or random events.

I call it the silver lining effect.

Whether it's a silver lining, or a golden hen, whatever you are doing, remember the whole world is watching. Some to cheer you on, others to see how long it will take you to fall flat on your face.

Since the whole world is watching you, know that the only people that matters are the ones that will have a lasting invested outcome of your success. You & God!

the whole world is watching

God and you are the most important considerations. If you create even a mud pie with purpose and service in mind, you have done a good thing.

I wrote From Panic to Empowerment at the lowest part of my life. I call it a "divine download." I actually feel like I was taking heavenly dictation.

I had no idea anyone was watching. I posted on social media, not so much for the likes from complete strangers, but for the ability to hide in plain sight.

As a business owner, marketing is a critical component. It's a simple equation. Social media equals free marketing. Marketing means sales and sales means a few bills get paid.

I am blushed to admit, there is no elaborate marketing sales funnel, no 12 month campaign, and no posts ready to go for six weeks.

I'm actually, winging it. Relying on God to order my steps.

As I forge ahead on this mission to move you From Panic to Empowerment, I know I'm on the right path.

December 9th, 2017, I'll walk the red carpet to prayerfully share an acceptance speech filled with humble gratitude.

I imagine clutching my award between my trembling hands and pounding heart.

I'll think to myself, "Is the whole world watching this?"

More likely, not the whole world, but those who genuinely wish me well, and a few who wonder if they'll see me fall.

Either way, my purpose is clear. If I can't move myself From Panic to Empowerment, I should stop writing this post.

Well, here I am still pecking away. Here to share with you the empowering realization that even though the whole world may be watching, they are also being watched.

Take heart, fear not, keep moving toward your purpose - emoji responses or not!


Dr Stephanie Reid

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