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Suffering in Silence: The dilemma of the biological clock

World mental health day is October 10th of every year. I've posted a few insights on social media pages. I plan to extend the posts for the remainder of the month and beyond. Not surprisingly, since natural wellness is all about spirit, mind, and body-this topic is aligned with Your Healing Place's mission.

Lately, I've been connecting with a particular group of clients that seemingly have no urgent need for Naturopathic care beyond the disdain for using Rx meds and a desire for overall wellness. However, upon further investigation, I'm finding a common theme. Many women are feeling stuck in a time loop of their biological clock. There is silent suffering for what was and a lack of clarity on what could be. The silent suffering is the loss of a baby they never really processed until the biological clock stopped ticking. Few notice the void. Then boom, it hits like a ton of bricks~unexplained grief, low energy, and unexplained aches & pains.

Let me explain...

Nancy, Rachel, Denise, and Sarah searched for a wellness coach on Google. All said the same thing, " I searched for a wellness coach, and your name popped up; I felt drawn to call you and a few others, and you were the only one the returned my call."

I heard the call a few years back to serve these women. I've been in practice for 18 years, and I see a thread of why they're drawn to me. I didn't realize it until a few weeks ago.

My dear, you are spirit, mind & body. As you mature, your soul calls you to higher truths and a deeper understanding of your role as a woman—that's why many women 40 and over start looking for someone like me that can empathize and add wisdom to a much-needed conversation.

I believe I have a spiritual beacon they can see. Between the ages of 40 and 47, a woman's biological clock slows, and simultaneously, her body changes in fantastic ways. Suppose she is not grounded in the changes. In that case, she will see the transformation as the end of her sense of personal value. For many women, fertility and childbirth become an identity. Life can seem hopeless, unfulfilling, and unbearable when that identity is lost.

During the initial coaching session is when emotions show up. The zyto scan reveals what emotions are trapped in specific organs, causing dis-ease. We start this exploratory process during the Zoom wellness consult. I use that time to connect with a new client to see what she needs. For some odd reason, after I heard a few of her concerns, I was prompted to ask, "have you lost a baby?" At first, I felt embarrassed to ask such a question. Yet, every time the answer was "yes!" As I think about all the women I've supported over the years, a good percentage of them share their loss in passing; many will cry upon mentioning it, even if the loss was 20 years ago.

As a Naturopath and wellness coach, I've experienced the loss of a baby. I needed to add a component to my practice to help these women heal. I believe the key to this type of healing is all about "Unclocking." I created the term, so there is no need to look it up. My definition is to disconnect from the limitations of a biological clock to discover your creative purpose. Finding your purpose through your passion can re-establish a sense of self beyond what can be created with your body. What a revolutionary thought... right?! When there is passion and purpose, life is filled with joy and positive experiences that change the paradigm about what was lost.

To keep talking about this may not be the answer here. But, If you'd like to continue this conversation, I created an online course that will support your journey on the " Unclocking" process. Additional support is offered via a unique coaching opportunity. There is help for you. There is no need to suffer in silence.

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