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Breast Cancer Awareness: A Naturopath's Perspective

We're at the end of October. This month, two major health concerns were highlighted: mental health and breast cancer awareness.

I spoke about mental health. I purposely waited to add content for breast cancer awareness because I wasn't sure how to approach it. My sister, close family members, and clients have passed away from breast cancer.

I need help finding the good the pink ribbon has done. Bring awareness? Maybe. Improve the conversation beyond everyone wearing pink as if that will change anything. I don't know.

The Perspective

As a Naturopath, I like to explore the root cause. If you've read From Panic to Empowerment, you will notice that it was dedicated to my baby sister, Taeisha Lester. I watched her from diagnosis to withering to finally passing. Was there a lot of fighting? Absolutely! Did the resistance (fight) change her outcome? ( I wrote a song about it)

I have to admit NO.

Since the mainstream conversation was fight and I advocated flow, many points of view filled her fragile frame with anxiety. The loud narrative won over them until it took over her. She never could get connected with the idea of emotional states creating dis-ease. By the time she surrendered to the flow- it was her time to transition.

When I think of the emotions she held in; my heart hurts for her. I understand the childhood challenges that were never resolved and the lack of the experience of deep love from a loving relationship. I can see the detriment of how emotions create even breast cancer. So forgive me if I'm not hyped up on the pink ribbon.

If the conversation were more profound than just taking pictures and wearing pink, I wouldn't be so indifferent. ( I am aware of the overall narrative of research ... How many years has this been going on? ) I digress.

Where's the Support

So, how do I support women in this area? My answer is-I am more interested in prevention than cure. By the time the diagnosis hits, we are way beyond prevention. The best I can offer is an insight into how and why it occurs.

I can review sodium/potassium levels with the Hair tissue analysis, indicating a trend toward a diagnosis. Detoxification clears the system and can reduce acidity, inflammation, and contributing factors.

The most important aspect is my purpose for being. ( I can lead you to discover our purpose)

I help women identify, uncover, analyze and release the root cause of emotional sticking points. This method doesn't dig up old wounds. It shines a loving light of discovery so women can change the narrative and story for healing. Then we move on.

Still, it helps one understand triggers that cause daily stress and recurrent emotional wounding that leads to disease.

The Plan of Action- Take the Tiny 1st Step ~ RSVP

When speaking to women 40 and older, the term is "unClocking." Generally, the process is known as moving From Panic to Empowerment.

After 18 years of practice, I've discovered that significant dis-ease shows up around this age. You are so stressed, disappointed, and repressed by this time - you need support more than ever. Many discount this time as "menopause" and fail to see the more profound need for help.

A Spirit, Mind & Body Re-alignment

This may sound forward, yet, you need a coach to know what you're looking for. You need to be more knowledgeable about how to interpret what you see. The solution is right under your nose.

You are finding your purpose. I've also discovered that age 40 and beyond can be the best time of your life with support! New passions come to life, and your purpose is revealed in the scheme of the spirit, mind, and body idea, which is the most critical aspect of personal fulfillment.

I can help you and support your wellness journey for a genuinely dynamic spirit, mind, and body wholistic experience. When these pieces come together, you experience a come-up in all areas of your life: health, finances, and relationships... It all goes together.

Want to know more? RSVP for Session #1 of the Unclocking Mastermind

Until next time... be well!

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