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Naturopath's Embrace: Breast Cancer Awareness~Women Over 40 and the Pink Ribbon's Truth

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

October never ceases to remind me of the mighty waves of emotions from mental health and breast cancer awareness. Intertwined with these topics, my journey compels me to shed light on a holistic perspective.

A book standing upright on a stack of books
A stack of books

From the Roots to the Blossoms

If you've delved into my book, From Panic to Empowerment, you'll see the dedication to my dear sister, Taeisha Lester. Her journey from a breast cancer diagnosis to her inevitable transition was a poignant reflection of how resistance to life's flow can sometimes dictate the story's end. My heart still aches, recalling her unresolved emotions from childhood challenges and an absence of profound love.

If left unchecked and unresolved, we must understand that emotions can manifest in various forms, including illnesses such as breast cancer. This understanding pushes me to ask: Can we look beyond the pink ribbon and foster a deeper conversation?

Bridging the Heart, Mind, and Body

Whenever I meet a brave woman who has battled or seen a loved one navigate the stormy seas of breast cancer, especially those 40 and above, the term "unClocking" echoes in my mind. As they approach this age, many women experience accumulated stress, repressed emotions, and feelings of unfulfillment. While some brush it off as merely "menopause," the underlying truth is a profound yearning for alignment and purpose.

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Don't Ignore the signs or symptoms

Statistics suggest that many women over 40 face health concerns like breast cancer. This juncture in life doesn't have to be a phase of decline but can instead be a transformative period. All it takes is the proper support and understanding to bring about a beautiful metamorphosis.

A Compassionate Guide Forward

While prevention remains paramount, it's essential to acknowledge the intricacies that lead to such diseases. We can identify early signs and work towards holistic healing by analyzing sodium/potassium levels through hair tissue analysis or embracing detoxification methods. Get what you need here.

Beyond physical aspects, my mission is to guide women in unraveling emotional threads that have trapped their spirit and mind over the years. This isn't about revisiting past traumas but illuminating them with love and understanding so they can be gently untangled and released.

Embarking on a Healing Journey

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I win

If you're ready to discover the unexplored terrains of your spirit, mind, and body, I invite you to take that first step with me. Book a free session.

The harmony between your spirit, mind, and body is an intricate dance; sometimes, having a coach to guide you can make all the difference. Unearthing your purpose and igniting new passions can be your life's most empowering and fulfilling phase.

With my years of experience and commitment, I offer support and insights for a genuinely transformative journey, ensuring that every facet of your life - health, finances, or relationships - flourishes.

Until we meet again, may you constantly be bathed in well-being and love.

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