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Top 10 Reasons to Say Yes to Natural Healing:

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Say yes to natural healing

The top 10 reasons to say "yes" to natural healing is all about the conversation. Being able to communicate to someone the benefits and pitfalls of anything is difficult. But, naturopaths are masters at communicating. Naturopaths are inherently teachers and teachers love to teach. The role of the naturopath is to teach you how to take care of yourself by making informed decisions based on common sense ideas. To be able to communicate with you more effectively, I'll just get right to the good stuff.

I am a naturopath. I really enjoy sharing the knowledge I have. My mission is to allow you to know how to take care of your most precious asset. You may think I'm talking about your body, but what I am really saying is; I help you take care of your health. If you want to really be well you must connect with not just your physical self, but also your spiritual and mental self. I help you do that in many ways. I began this conversation by suggesting that there are ten reasons to say "yes" to natural healing strategies, so here they are.


Having access to someone you can trust with your most sacred concerns is extremely important. I'm certain you have already experienced a "crisis." Unfortunately sometimes help is a few weeks away. A delay of support can bring on strong emotions of hopelessness and defeat, which makes your situation worse the longer you wait. I've felt like no one cared. For that reason, I am accessible. When you feel like you need answers. When you feel like you need clarity. Just book a free 15-minute phone consult to get on my schedule. You and I have 15 good minutes to discuss your fears to get you back on track. Book a free consult .now to try it out! Not only can you book a free consult, you can also book an appointment on this site. Getting an appointment when you need it puts your health in your hands.

2. Results

As a natural health coach, I talk to a lot of people in and out of the office setting. When people find out what I do, they immediately start sharing their lack of confidence in the current health system. Most are very unhappy with their care and are more than happy to tell me how defeated they feel. Since natural healing concepts work with the body's natural ability to heal itself; it's almost impossible to not see a difference. If you follow my recommendation for lifestyle changes, food choices and nutritional supplementation, ( based on research) your health will improve. I challenge you to give your body what it needs and take way what it doesn't. If you do accept the challenge, I will share the system that will have your body working like never before. Take a Healthy Body Challenge to prove me right!

3. Support

Illness seems to drive the conversation for most people. Whether you are experiencing a minor inconvenience with dry skin or a major illness, natural health strategies support the body's ability to heal itself. At Your Healing Place I offer many opportunities for you to connect with like-minded people who share your wish for better health. Connecting with other people gives strength to a cause that may seem unpopular. Taking a leap of faith to think outside the box for your well-being is a lonely journey. But, I connect with a community of like-minded people who meet for support and nurturing. Join the movement! Follow our Facebook page to learn about events. I challenge you to become a leader to post a response to this blog and share it.

4. Innovative

Western medicine is wonderful for trauma and infectious disease. But, if you have an unexplained illness or a common diagnosis, the protocol will be the same. You can expect drugs and or surgery. The promise of a cure and outcomes are as foggy as a windshield on a raining day. Every dis-ease process gets the same work up: blood, urine, x-ray, EEG. If your case is unexplained, you may get a CAT scan, MRI or stress test. The problem is, the intricate body is more advanced than a simple test. Sometimes, even those results are unclear. Natural healing strategies are innovative and effective. I use Hair Tissue Analysis to see why your body is not working at peak performance. The nano scan tests stress on the body from 100 different variables and the zyto scan makes sure you are clear on what remedies your body needs, not what I can guess.

5. Comprehensive

We've already established your level of discomfort with not being able to get help when you need it. The wait time to see a practitioner is ridiculous. I feel your anxiety as you nod your head in agreement. Let's talk about the real conversation. Well, there is no significant conversation with your primary care practitioner. There is no time. That does not mean they don't care. There's just no time! Yes, you do wait for hours to be seen; and you only have 10 minutes to talk so make it quick. In fact, let's stick to the basics: ears, nose, throat, blood pressure, and heart rate...check. I know what you're thinking... is that it! At Your Healing Place your experience is a lot different. I spend 90 minutes with you every visit. You have the choice to cut it short. I know you need to talk about your issues and get clarity. We do that by defining the connection of your spirit, mind, and body. I wrote the book on it. I make sure that you are aware of how to effectively use the RESULT™method to get the most out of your natural health journey.

6. Family Friendly

The best way to make sure you will reach your new health goals is to get your family involved. I urge you to bring a friend, family member, or co-worker to your appointment . Your first visit with me is exciting! When you come in, I greet you with a handshake and warm smile. By the time you leave you will be ready to start your healing journey with a friendly genuine hug. When you get home, it is almost impossible to describe why you feel so good. The visit is a miracle to be shared, so just bring someone with you. That way, you have someone to talk to on the way home to share your sense of fulfillment. I often see 3 members of a family back to back. It is a wonderful experience. Everyone gets to learn from the personal journey of the other. That dynamic creates a family support system.

7. No Secrets

The last time I went to visit my dentist, I waited until the hygienist left the room to peek at my file. I felt sheepishly dishonest as if I were looking at something that was top-secret. I know you have felt like that too. Why is it that information about you is hidden from you? What could be in your file, that you shouldn't see? Either the file is about your or isn't! Or, your file says something other than what you are told. What do you think? At Your Healing Place you get an electronic file of all of your tests. You also get a hard copy of your Hair Tissue Analysis results complete with a personalized diet plan. How can you make lifestyle, life-changing decisions if you don't know what's going on?

8. Affordable

If you know anything about insurance billing, you know it's all about CPT codes and insurance jargon. Natural healing strategies are not a part of the insurance billing system. The cost is always out-of-pocket and reimbursement from insurance companies may not be in your plan. But, rest assured, using services at Your Healing Place are affordable. And since we use the RESULT™ method, have confidence that your health will improve. There are no side effects that can harm you. There is a support system to help you understand how your body transitions from dis-ease to health. Since this is an out-of-pocket expense, PayPal credit is available as a payment option. The PayPal credit option appears at check-out. Try it now ! Don't let money stand in the way of you and your good health!

9. Life Giving

Did you know that every 90 days your cells regenerate? Every 90 days, every cell in your body (except the central nervous system) regenerates. It does so whether you have good nutrition to help them or not. If you have a nutritional balance of 90 essential nutrients, the new cells are stronger than the ones that died off. If you did not have nutritional balance the new cells are weaker than the ones that died off. That is what dis-ease is. The weaker your cells ( lack of nutrition) the more dis-ease. Dis-ease can manifest as hypertension, kidney failure, diabetes, cancer, etc. But, the body can heal itself if you give it its nutritional fill. At Your Healing Place, I offer the Youngevity 90 for life system! It is life-giving because it is a complete system that is 98% absorb-able. If you are taking a nutritional supplement and you are still experiencing dis-ease;either you are not getting all of your nutritional requirements met, or what you are taking is NOT being absorbed.

10. Legacy

What is the legacy you plan to leave your family? I plan to leave a few items for my children to include nuggets of wisdom and a trust. Leaving an inheritance admirable. The truth is, the very best you can do for anyone you care about is to make sure that have the best information and resource to keep up a healthy vibrant life. Health is all you really have. Without health, wealth is meaningless. Sharing these top 10 reasons to say "yes" to natural healing is a legacy that gives benefits for generations. Dis-ease is not genetic. However, poor dietary habits and lifestyle passed down to generations will create the same dis-ease through generations. Share the message of healing, your great-grandchildren will be better for it!

So, there you have it! The top 10 reasons to say "yes" to natural healing! I enjoyed writing this for you, I hope you enjoyed reading it!

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Dr. Stephaniey

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