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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Conversation with Dr. Stephaniey

Every website that hopes to draw attention to its cause needs a blog. Whether the site promotes a product, concept or service; people need a voice to connect with. They need a connection to the site that draws them back, anticipating the next installment of something AWESOME!

Well, you’ve found that kind of, in-your-face, amazingly candid approach to healing. Here on this site! I have been working with clients for over ten yours helping them see health through a lens that is as unconventional as you can imagine. There is a lot of knowledge in my head, and sometimes I just throw things against the wall to see what sticks. Not in a way that creates chaos, but in a way that will explore as many possibilities necessary for you to get a breakthrough.

The focus is to figure out how to stop you from freaking out over every dis-ease you experience. The ultimate goal is to get you to see that your body is a magnificent creation. It requires a different kind of attention than ever before.

Clients will tell you that I can lead them to a feeling of accomplishment and help them shed old baggage that keeps them trapped in despair. I share my story to show that the human factor is universal and so is the healing potential. But you have to know what you are looking for in order to find relief. I can help you do that!

"I believe..."

I believe, with my whole heart, that healing is a very personal endeavor that requires one to dig deep into the feelings and the thoughts. I do not believe healing can be found in the bottom of a transparent brown bottle with a child proof top.

I mean, who do they think we are? Idiots!? Probably. We all have been duped by the hype of false medical breakthroughs and fancy new discoveries. It’s all a smoke screen to get you away from knowing your true healing potential. And, a clever plot to put you in the poor house searching for hope like a puppy chasing its tail.

Can we stop this madness? Can I introduce you to a better way to heal?

Within this site, you will find a safe space to explore thoughts you only thought were yours alone. You will realize that you are not crazy and everything you wanted to express you now can. You are powerful as soon as you believe you are. You can move your life from the panic zone into the empowerment zone by using the 3 step Approach to Healing removing one taboo at a time.

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