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Hair Tissue Analysis + Virtual Appt

Know what your report means is how you understand what to do.

  • 45 minutes
  • 397 US dollars
  • Thayer Center

Service Description

Hair Tissue Analysis Lab kit includes everything you need to send hair to Trace Elements Lab for a comprehensive mineral evaluation. Traditionally the lab fee and office visit are billed separately. For your convenience and safety, these two services are bundled together to maximize the benefit of your results in less time. The office visit via (Virtual Communication) is the time you and I thoroughly review your results. What’s found in a hair tissue analysis may surprise you with its detailed information about your personal health status and toxic mineral exposure; which could be the silent contributor to you not feeling your best. The report also reveals your personal mineral protocol and dietary recommendations for improved health. Using your hair to determine the root cause of the disease is not a new practice for investigating the potential cause of dis-ease; its just the most ingenious way to do it! A small hair sample can have a huge return in overall information of your health status. The results include Thyroid and adrenal function, exposure to harmful toxic elements, mineral absorption or toxicity. Your personalized report also includes a personal diet plan, mineral protocol. When is blood work not an accurate assessment of your health? When hair tissue analysis is another option to see more than blood. Get your test. A Hair Tissue Analysis has two important functions: 1)Establish a baseline for mineral absorption and toxicity. 2) It offers a personalized mineral program to "chelate" toxins from the body and re-establish mineral balance. The report also gives dietary recommendations specifically based you your personalized biochemistry. Please make appoint for three weeks after your purchase date.

Contact Details

  • 5000 Thayer Center, Oakland, MD, USA


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