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Your Health, Your Priority: A Straight-Talking Guide to Wellness Work-ups

Ladies, listen up. I know what you're thinking - "Here we go, another pitch about wellness

checks and naturopathy." I get it. I used to be a skeptic too. But let me share my story. I struggled with high blood pressure, weight issues, and relationship troubles that sprouted from a lack of boundaries. Then, menopause kicked in, and things spiraled down further. Then I found the game changer - a naturopathic wellness work-up. So bear with me because this could be the lifeline you're seeking.

Wellness Work-up: The "What" and "Why"

A wellness work-up is your health's 360-degree view. This isn't your run-of-the-mill doctor's visit where they check your weight, ask if you've been eating your greens, and send you packing. No, it's more profound and more personalized.

  • It's about Prevention: Many of us take action when the damage is done - when the scales have tipped too far or the blood pressure monitor is screaming. What if we could catch these issues early or stop them from happening in the first place? That's what a wellness work-up aims to do.

  • Holistic Approach: This check-up doesn't just look at numbers on a chart. It takes your lifestyle, diet, stress levels, and emotional health into account. It's about your whole health picture.

  • Personalized Plans: You get an individualized wellness plan that considers your unique health profile.

The Tools of the Trade

Wellness work-ups use several tools. Here are the ones that made a difference in my journey and could in yours too.

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis: Sounds fancy, right? But it's simple. A small sample of your hair is tested to check your body's mineral levels and toxic metals. It's an excellent way to spot nutritional deficiencies and guide us to create a tailored nutrition plan.

  • Zyto Scan: This bio-communication tool communicates with your body, learns what it prefers in terms of nutrition, supplements, and treatments. It's like having a translator for your body's language.

  • Detoxification: Our bodies get filled with toxins from our environment and food. A good detox can help clean up your system, and a wellness workup can guide you on how to do it effectively and safely.

  • Coaching: Here's the part I love. It's not just about handing you a plan and saying, "Good luck." Wellness work-ups include one-on-one coaching. I had someone to guide me when I was lost, encourage me when I stumbled, and celebrate with me when I made progress. This support can be a game changer, especially when you're making lifestyle changes.

Why This Matters, Especially During Peri/Menopause & Post Menopause

  • High Blood Pressure: Did you know that your risk for high blood pressure increases after menopause? Prevention is key, and that's where a wellness work-up shines.

  • Weight Loss: Hormonal changes during menopause can lead to weight gain. A wellness workup can help you navigate these changes, providing nutritional and lifestyle advice tailored to your needs.

  • Relationship Issues: With changing hormones can come mood swings, which may strain relationships. And let's be honest, many of us women have a tendency to put others first. It's time to put YOU first. A wellness workup can help you establish healthy boundaries and manage stress.

So ladies, whether you're skeptical or not, consider a wellness work-up. It's not just another health fad. It's a tool for you to take control of your health, especially during life's challenging phases like menopause or post-menopause. So book an appointment, and take the first step in prioritizing your health. Remember, there's no better investment than in your well-being.

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