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A Transformational Story

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

I want to tell you the story about how I began this transformational journey

My name is Stephanie E. Reid. You can say that I have a fresh insight on how to get to the cause of disease & pain. I uncovered an incredible realization of how to stop pain and disease from taking over my life, and I want to share it, with you.

From Panic to Empowerment is not a new concept! The catchy phrase is not anything that you haven’t heard before. However, understanding the concept and using the secrets revealed can be the miracle you’ve been looking for. This secret formula has transformed my life and will surely change your life if you allow yourself to be re-introduced to a few key concepts. Now, before I give you these golden nuggets you’ll need to improve your health and well-being, I want to share with you a story. It’s the story of how I found out that healing my life meant I had to get quite, connect with myself and evaluate my feelings and my thoughts. That is the exact path you must take to heal your life as well. Moving from Panic to Empowerment is the ultimate goal of this journey. You don’t have to do it alone. I have already made a pretty clear path for you to follow.

A Little Girl’s Dream

A Little Girl’s Dream

You see I have a passion for helping people. Helping others brings me great joy. When I was a little girl, I spent many hours helping my great grandmother hang laundry. I watched her iron and fold clothes, cook and keep up with the soap operas without missing a beat. My job was to put the wooden clothes pins in the fabric bag and hand her the clothes for ironing. Doing that made me feel good. She’d smile at me and thank me for making her day easier. It was during those times that I realized that I had a gift for healing. I’d bandage my dolls and put Vaseline on every scrapped knee I could find. My favorite game was Operation. I was overjoyed to put on my doctor’s uniform, check a family member’s pulse or run get band-aids for a minor injury. Yes, I was going to be a doctor! My most favorite Halloween costume was the surgeon’s suite. My plastic stethoscope was my pride and joy.

A Change of Perspective

Years later, I realized that my idea of helping people didn’t mesh with the Western medical model. At Temple University, I grew to understand that medicine seeks to connect a diagnosis with a prescription drug or surgery. That way of addressing healthcare entirely dismissed the idea that man was more than a body part or a disease.

Man is a spirit that lives in a body. Within that equation, I didn’t see how people would get well. I remember my great grandmother had a small blue suitcase with gold latches. She filled the case with a plastic bagful of medications. Though she was very loving and kind, I do not recall her having much vitality or good health. She kind of wobbled as she walked as if in pain.

With my current understanding of prescription side effects, I imagine she was slowed down a bit. Me bending over to hand her things gave her help in some small way. If she had arthritis or some other conditions that prevented her from moving freely, my little hands made a big difference in her daily chores. When I formally learned how the process of healing really works; it didn’t connect with my idea of healing.

It wasn’t until I had my first son that I experienced medicine from a place of fear. Instead of the therapeutic, loving approach to healing, I had created in my fantasy doctor play; I suffered anxiety and panic as nurses and doctors poked and prodded. The big monitors and other laboring mother’s screams invoked a fear so great that my son got stuck, and I had to have a cesarean section under anesthesia for him to come into the world. At that moment, I realized that western medicine wasn’t for me.

Life’s Detours Lead Back To Dreams

Dr. Stephaniey

After graduating from Temple University, I felt like I had lost direction. Instead of pursuing my medical career, I became a leasing agent for a large real estate investment trust. Over a nine-year period of promotions and transfers, the desire to help people never left. But I couldn’t figure out how to follow my dream in a way that made sense to me. Then one day I was watching TV, and I saw an ad for massage therapy school.

I enrolled in massage therapy school. After graduation, I immediately opened a stress management center that catered to those who were stressed out. My specialty was working with pregnant women and people who suffered from anxiety and depression. I did have a side focus of corporate stress management that allowed me to work with schools and private companies. That made me happy for a few years, but the healing itch still wasn’t satisfied.

Apparently, God had another plan for how I was to help His people because I couldn’t let go of the feeling that I was supposed to be doing more. Although I had thriving massage therapy practice, I felt like I was still missing something. It wasn’t the medical model I thought I would see. The idea of alternative healing methods and natural medicine began tugging at my spirit. After some investigation, I found it. I knew what I was called to do. It was Natural Medicine that satisfied my heart’s desire to help people heal.

Back On Track

Healing Strategy

Gradually, I implemented mineral therapy, therapeutic massage, detoxification programs, electronic stress testing and even guided imagery. The bulk of my practice focused on the physical aspects of healing. Homeopathy and mineral therapy worked well for helping people heal. I remembered the panic and anxiety during the birth of my son, so I made sure that clients felt comfortable. After about nine years of helping people experience better health without prescription drugs, I noticed a peculiar trend. Individuals who found relief for their ailments kept returning with the same problems. At first, I was very disappointed in myself. My initial belief was that I had failed to investigate options thoroughly. I honestly believed that it was something I must have missed that created an additional experience of dis-ease for my clients. One clue surfaced during a guided imagery session.

Mind, body, spirit connections are what we always talked about, but I needed a way to make the concept apply to their concern. I began to bring the idea up during each session. What I came to understand in a very profound way was that healing is never only a physical experience. I should have remembered that from massage therapy school. I guess it was in the back of my mind for quick knowledge, not a concept I used in my daily healing strategy.

Another profound revelation was that we focus on the wrong part of ourselves. We all say, “mind, body, spirit.” But look at the order! We are spirit, mind…then body! For far too long you and everyone else, puts emphasis on the part that should be considered first, last.

Then Melody Was Born

While I was trying to figure out how to address the void in my practice, the most amazing thing happened. I got pregnant! Melody was born on my husband’s birthday and died the same day about nine hours after giving birth to her. Needless to say, my world felt like it was crashing down on top of me. I was in the hospital for six weeks leading to her birth.

Healing in Your Hair

On one occasion, I felt like I was having a heart attack. I drove myself to the hospital. The nurse practitioner told me that I was physically okay, but I was suffering from a broken heart. The official name is Stress Cardiomyopathy or “Broken Heart Syndrome.” My thyroid function was also quit low, which made me tired and depressed. Ironically, I had that bit of information prior to going to the hospital. I had gotten results from my hair tissue analysis that revealed that bomb shell- along with other secret information I was unaware of.

Jumping around a bit... A few months after Melody was born, my husband took me to China. While there, I visited an ancient traditional Chinese Medicine hospital in Beijing. The practitioner looked in my eyes, checked my tongue, took my pulse and exclaimed, " You have low thyroid function due to severe grief!"

Back to the story...As horrible as I felt, there was no way that this wasn’t an actual physical heart attack. I was grateful that is wasn’t, but confused. I read about cases like this, but I did not expect that it would happen to me. I was experiencing a physical manifestation of an emotional origin. I was shocked that the nurse even knew about it. It’s not often that your health practitioner will contribute a physical ailment with emotions. If they do, the response is usually a prescription drug to mask the symptom.

Discovering the 3Rs Approach to Healing

From Panic to Empowerment Book

After I composed myself and settled into the fact that my baby did not stay with us, I began to get other strange physical symptoms. My chest continued to hurt, and my blood pressure was frequently very high. Tired of feeling so defeated I cried out to God. I was angry! I went through the anger phase for awhile until I got sick of feeling bad emotionally and physically. One day after a good long cry I just sat perfectly still. A still small voice whispered… “spirit, mind, and body.” I sat motionless for about another hour, then the phrase – Reflect, Re frame, Renew popped into my head! All at once I understood why I was feeling so physically awful, and I knew how to fix it.

I reflected on my emotions. I allowed myself to explore my anger. I thought about what the loss of Melody meant. I re-framed her life and death story from something horrible to something beautiful. As I allowed myself time to settle into accepting my feelings and changing my thinking; something amazing began to happen. My body began to relax, and I felt better as I allowed the intense emotion to pass. I realized that healing could only take place on a physical level when the body is relaxed.

You can’t rest if your spirit is hijacked by high emotions, and your mind is entangled in confusion. That was it! That was the reason why my clients kept coming back with similar ailments. Until my personal discovery, I had no idea how to tell clients to deal with their emotional and mental self. But, Melody helped me see the connection. Filled with gratitude and freedom; I developed a formula that could be duplicated by anyone, anywhere for any circumstance, discomfort, panic situation or disease! Just read the book!

From Panic to Empowerment Formula

Your Healing Place

Once I figured out the formula, I shared it with all of my clients. During every office visit, I shared the 3Rs Approach to Healing. I was teaching all of them to Reflect, Reframe, Renew. I knew people needed a concrete way to access healing using the new concept. So, I created an online course. My first 20 students was a beta test. What I found out from the group was, many were searching for healing without lasting results from homeopathic, minerals of other methods until they looked at the spiritual and mental connection. The course offered that platform, and I began to see marked improvements in all of the clients that took the course. As feedback rolled in, I realized that I had something special that could help many actualize their healing potential and finally get relief from panic and disease. That idea prompted me to write books, record audio and video segments, get on the radio and TV to talk about what I have called, ”a movement.” That is the story of how my journey began. As of this day, I use the resources of Hair Tissue Analysis, and other remote services. Due to COVID19, I serve clients virtually via a membership subscription service that offers weekly coaching, virtual health scans, and Zoom Events.

Wellness Consultant - Dr. Stephaniey

I'd love to Connect with You!

If all of this seems really foreign, feel free to book a Zoom Wellness Consult. I'd be delighted to share this insight as it relates to your personal concerns. Feeling awful can be a sign of your reaction to what's happening in the world. Yet, now that you understand the various causes relating to spirit, mind and body; you will be happy to know that a hair tissue analysis can not only reveal emotional challenges but also dietary mishaps. You may think your kale smoothie is doing its job of keeping you healthy. But, if your body isn't breaking down the nutrients for utilization; calcium in the kale it could be attacking your thyroid gland making you tired! The Hair Tissue Analysis could also reveal the presence of toxic elements: lead, arsenic aluminum, etc.

Consider the wonderful possibilities!

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