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TABOO Search

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

TABOO Search

Nine Hundred and Sixty-Six million peopIe in 0.74 seconds!

I did a Google search on the word TABOO. Surprisingly, I came across a TV show of the same name. Apparently it's a popular show. So were people looking up taboo for the hidden personal meaning or were they looking for the show stats? I can't say for sure, but I was on a personal mission. I was actually looking to see how many people were interested in the word "taboo" so I could maximize site views to this blog post. Which, will shamelessly lead you to my Taboo Podcast. Well, it's out there. Here I am another blogger trying to snag your intention to get you to see what I see, so I can help you. At least I am being transparent and admitting what I need from you so I can give you what I believe I have that can help you. Funny thing... You may know you need something, but not sure what it is. That's why you start searching keywords; just to see what amazing content will magically appear to solve your issue.

Did you know that millions of people are searching for content about taboos, but few are actually talking about it! Taboos are the sneaky little, silent shamers that keep you up at night because you can't solve the mystery of their existence. Or, get relief from the hold they have on you.

That's where I come in. I am Dr. Stephanie Reid, a naturopath with a passion to help you get what you need from your life. I am the voice of emotional and psychological reason you wish you had before your emotions were hijacked and your belief systems were cloned to be something other than what you truly believe.

Dr. Stephaniey

Taboos are strange intangible thoughts that create chaos. They are so profound because you can't always pinpoint what they are. So how in the world could you dissect them and spit them out to create a better life for yourself? Well, that's my job. As the author of the From Panic to Empowerment series, I am prepared to gently uncover your taboos, help you crawl from underneath them to regain your health- spiritually, emotionally and physically. Taboos are the hidden emotions of your spirit, paralyzing you from hearing the voice of internal guidance. Taboos are the outdated belief systems that suggest there is no other way to live but what you know now.

If you have ever considered that you needed to do something different to be well; you are correct! You do. Healing is a spirit, mind, and body interconnected experience. You must establish a baseline of wellness for all parts of who you are them, consistently build on it.

Trashing old emotions

Trashing old emotions and beliefs is not exactly what we will be doing. What must happen before you push open the trash can is consider acceptance. Accept what was and be ready to move in a direction of your best self. Be prepared to learn to become selfish, say no and celebrate yourself. You may be freaking out over that last line, but trust me that is a strong hold of one of your taboos doing that to you. Hold on, help is coming. Connect with the podcast. Get what you need, then engage with me so I can help you firmly plant your feet on this new healing journey. Until Next Post... Tune in to the latest podcast!

Dr. Stephanie Taboo talks Hot List of Taboos:

1. Men shouldn't cry

2. Selfishness vs. Selflessness

3. Say "No"

4. Your Mind is Playing Trick on you... there is so much more!

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