From Panic to Empowerment

by Dr. Stephanie Reid, PhD.


This book offers a dynamic way to access the truth about healing. Cliche’ models of spirit, mind-body connections are ripped apart so you can connect with the true meaning of who you are.


Transformational healing is not only a possibility but a reality. Many books offer promises of changing your life. Some of those books deliver what they promise.


Others may be fuel for your next bonfire. Thousands of books have similar information as the last, and you wonder if anything is worth reading anymore. The truth is… ” there is nothing new under the sun.” What has been said before will be said again.


The only thing different that comes to the table of reading a new book is you! You bring a fresh perspective. If you read a book at age 22 and didn’t get it, then reread it at age 45, the entire experience will be different. Why? You are different.


That’s why the concept of moving you From Panic to Empowerment may sound magnificent to you at this stage of your life. You see where you are now and where you’d like to be. This book helps you reach back deep into your subconscious memories; pull out the pain at its core for healing to happen.


This Henri Nominated book ( Literary Award 2017) was inspired by my personal life and my clients' challenges. We are all looking for the "Holy Crail" for healing. It will never be found in a prescription bottle, or surgery, or even eating "right." True healing is about finding the root cause of the dis-ease and making peace with it by looking at it and be willing to move forward in a new way. Your spirit is the key!


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Transformational Resources

The New Edition...

Never before has there been a book so candidly transparent about the death of a baby...

Why was this book written?

Many women suffer in silence about their loss. The suffering manifests into a dis-ease relating to grief.


If you can see the process as a divine plan, maybe, just maybe you can process your grief leading to dis-ease and use it as a catalyst to healing a broken heart transforming pain into triumph. Dr. Stephanie did! Connect with her, find your story in hers; allow healing to begin! 

Your best self is calling through your angel! Read more

The Book Club


The From Panic to Empowerment book club has a name for its members-"Movers & Shakers" - A group of courageous women willing to share their experience of how they are systematically moving away from belief systems and ideas that hold them back. Shaking off the damage of old stories, willing to live on their own terms.  Together, they are coming from the shadows of illness and disease and into the light of Empowerment



Dis-ease begins in the spirit, your body is trying to signal a deeper issue. If you don't understand the language of your body, you will be forced to deal with your health issues in a vacuum of prescriptions, surgery, and lack of vitality.


 3 Rs Approach to Healing Technique

The Book Club shows you how to:

  • Listen to your spirit, identify emotions -Reflect.

  • Connect the dots between emotions and the "story" belief - Reframe

  • Embrace new connections so old belief looses power to control the body-Renew



Movers & Shakers Book Club

2021 Events 


Over the past five years, the Bookclub sessions delivered dynamic and groundbreaking experiences for readers. Expect the same fabulous opportunities for enlightenment as we read the new book!


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