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We provide everything you need to move

From Panic to Empowerment. By exclusively working with 25 members per year, each "Elite" participant is guaranteed to experience a life-changing transformation!


*Comprehensive Consult

Must complete first


ALL Office Visits Included

 BONUS Guest Passes

(4) Zyto Scan 

(2) Zyto Guest passes)

  Bio Scans 1-5- w/(Reflexology treatments)

 (2) Hair Tissue Analysis Reviews

 (2) HTA/lab fee


(2) Ionic Detox Foot-bath


(6)/60 min Phone Coaching calls.

(Coaching sessions can be spread out  12/30 min sessions


(3) Emotional Clearing Sessions

Introduction to Voice Mapping

(Perception Reframing Technology


Members ONLY Access:


Private Forum


Services spread out over 12 months

Does not INclude remedies/ e-workbook


90 for Life Nutritional Program

Account set up required


 ALL Office Visits Included

BONUS Guest Passes 

(4) Zyto Scans 

(4) zyto guest pass)


Re-framing Technology


2 HTA lab fees

2 HTA reviews

Open Access Coaching Calls

Up to 24 Phone Coaching Sessions

35 min/ session

Due to COVID 19 you have the option of weekly coaching sessions.

All session are zoom recorded to help you stay connected to your healing experience



All programs 12 months


Life Time

Unlimited Support


 Office Visits

per year

 BONUS Guest Passes 

4 Zyto Scans 

 Bio Scans 1-5

(includes 2 remedies/scan)







 2 HTA Reviews

 2HTA/lab fee


Monthly Ionic Detox Footbath

(6) detox guest passes)



($40 value)

Monthly 45 min Phone Coaching


Full Access to From Panic

to Empowerment Online University


(All future courses included)





Erasing the concern of cost and "how", replacing it with hope to begin now!  

Jump start your health during an exclusive 7 day trial period includes your first powerful healing remedy

You've realized that the medical model is both ineffective and dangerous.


You may already suffer the ill effects of prescription drugs and surgery with no relief or healing.


Cost should not dictate your right to a better life.


The world needs your gift you must be healthy to give it.



You deserve a choice and a chance!




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