• There is something wonderful about a good book and a nice cup of relaxing tea. Try a book tea bundle to create your personal ritual of relaxation...


    Celebrating the Second Edition of From Panic to Empowerment, the Release of the New Book, and the Passion Leaf Tea Limited Edition Tins launch!



    From Panic Empowerment: How to Stop pain & Dis-ease From taking Over Your Life By Connecting Spirit, Mind & body sold a few thousand copies, which has created an international following and a new market. The second edition has a few new insights and updates and continues to be a MUST READ for newbies on the journey toward wellness.




    From Panic to Empowerment: How to embrace an angel when you expected a baby picks up where the 1st book left off, offering rich detail and profound insight. Be prepared to start your own fan club. The nuggets of wisdom and deliberate expose' will give you the courage to face your own grief, causing panic, pain, and dis-ease. You'll want to share it!


     SPECIAL NOTE: The foreward was written by a New York Times Best Selling Author, Raymond Aaron. What do you know about the Chicken Soup for the Soul books? From Panic to Empowerment is destined to be added to the ranks! Raymond Aaron is the best-selling author of the Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul book, supported by Jack Canfield, the author of Chick Soup For The Soul series of books! This is really becoming a movement! People from all over the globe are seeing the vision and jumping on board. To keep up with the demand, the From Panic to Empowerment books have been updated to include sales for Canada, Europe, and Britain; bar codes reflect the varying currencies. 




    Limited Edition Tea Tin:

    Eight (8) Teabags (Each bag can be used 2/3 times

    Complimentary tea stems (stronger more robust taste makes I quart of tea)


    Optional: Book a 15 min zoom session with Dr. Stephanie to discover your personalized words of wisdom to be autographed in your book!

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