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Your Breakthrough is tied to a commitment to your self.

This may be the first time you concentrated on YOU.

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Events are the glue that combines new concepts needed to master the life you desire. Each event is filled with bonding opportunities with others and self-discovery; adding to the chain of breakthroughs leading to your transformation. With a membership, events are only 10 bucks! A $25 savings. A fabulous menu of organic dishes is included!



The Taboo Podcast is an amazing concept. As you learn the language of the From Panic to Empowerment Movement, you will see how your thoughts are keeping you from the best life you desire. The Podcast offers insight about those taboo topics, ie.: self-esteem,  dream killers, Selfishness vs Selflessness, etc. Having access to these topics on demand will help you move smoothly From Panic to Empowerment.



Having access to all of the YHP natural health services to jump start your health at a fraction of the cost per month than a single out-of-pocket visit is a huge deal. Over 12 months, you can systematically give your body the needed attention, keeping every appointment for one low monthly fee!

 Remedies not included



YHP does have a blog. Yet we realize that once you begin your journey, you will be hungry for fresh information. Our DIY Natural article section is like having a fresh newspaper full of only the information that interests you! Articles are new every week so you will always be able to learn something exciting try at home. You will never get bored!

Have an idea you'd like to bounce around with people you met at an event? Jump into the forum! Talk about the products you've used and services you've experienced. Misery may love company, but new passions need fuel to turn a spark into a flame. Open discussion can keep your flame burning! The passion you have for moving your life From Panic to Empowerment is the heat needed to fuel the movement. If your community gets healthy as you get healthy; you have a better chance of staying healthy!