Comprehensive Consult w/ Detox

& Voice Mapping

Your three-hour Comprehensive Consult visit is a fact-finding mission to reveal underlying causes of your discomfort. We do that by having an extensive conversation with you. This conversation reveals things about your health that you may not be aware of. Most often you assume your illness or dis-ease is generated from someplace outside of yourself. You will be formally introduced to a new reality that finally helps you establish a true sense of wellness by exploring the interconnected relationship of your Spirit, Mind & Body- IN THAT ORDER.


Fast Facts:

  • You must acknowledge emotional connections to access true wellness

  • Stress is the leading cause of dis-ease

  • The body can heal itself if given what it needs and remove what it doesn't.

You get to “tell your story”

  • What emotions are consistent in your life?

  • What story are you rehearsing?

  • What illnesses seem to hang around no matter what you do to be well?



What’s Included?

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