Bundle Up Service

The Bundle Up Program is our newest and most innovative service to date. It offers several options to jump start your body’s innate healing ability all in one visit. Since the services are non invasive and offers a wealth of information to get your health on the right track fast; why drag it out? Like many, you recognize the need to take better care of yourself from a holistic perspective.


If you need a good natural health coach to walk you through the process, this package is for you. During a two hour visit you will get to learn new things that can be implemented immediately.  Connecting related services has proven to give good results in a short time.

four service options

Since 2019 is the year of self-mastery, self-discovery, and self-awareness; we believe bundling services puts you on the clear path to wholeness in a simple way that can give fantastic a RESULT™. If you have been suffering from fatigue, insomnia and poor bowel function leading to bloating and constipation, the mineral detox bundle service can not only offer clues to the problem but also offer a potential solution for your body to rapidly heal itself.

The bundle up service can give you your life back.

Why is the program so fantastic?



 ✓ Comprehensive services in one visit. (follow up visit included)


✓ Your individuality is always a consideration at Your Healing Place.


✓ Costs no longer dictate service